Who we are and what we do.
The MacKenzie Park Lawn Bowls Club is located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.  The Club provides the facilities for members and visitors to enjoy the sport of lawn bowling.  Annual membership is open to everyone and is relatively inexpensive. Members play as often as they please with no additional daily expense. The Club is open all year.
The club house and grounds are shown in the overhead view at right.  The facility consists of two bowling greens each containing eight bowling rinks.  There is a modern club house with meeting and eating facilities and a full kitchen.  Lockers for members are available and parking is adequate and free..

It is always wonderful to stand in front of the club house in the morning anticipating a few hours of lawn bowling.  The air is crisp, the greens a little bit damp and the view north towards the Santa Ynez mountains and its foothills is spectacular. 
Club bowling takes place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 9:30 a.m.  There is a noon game and some bowler schedule a 2:00 p.m. game.  Every year, with the advent of daylight savings time, bowlers gather for a picnic/barbecue and twilight bowling on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
A vital energetic membership is the life blood of any organization. So we are always looking for new members.  To do this we offer free, no obligation lessons.  To find out how this works you can use the link on the right or the Learn to Play link at the top of the pages.  Try it, you'll like it.